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How Come None Of You Ever Want To Hang Anymore?My Body, My Choice / White Bread President City Slackers


City Slackers is a cathartic 13-song collection from the ferocious, hard-hitting two piece, Basic Bitches. Formed in 2014 by prolific singer/guitarist Naomi Scott (a current Brooklyn resident who hails from London) with the intention of creating a more visceral musical outlet, Basic Bitches came to life with the addition of drummers Josh McCartney and Nick D'Amore (the latter plays in the current line-up, when he's not pounding the skins with New Jersey's Overlake).

Scott often finds inspiration in quotidian subject matter ("Summer In The City," "Comes The Dawn") at times weaving it into evocative commentary that speaks to broader societal ills ("We All Moved To The City Now We Can't Afford To Live") from an outsider's perspective ("Mass Shootings and Donald Trump," "Fighter") maintaining a wry sense of humor ("Come On Brenda, It's the 90's for Chrissakes," "Cross Your Eyes and Jump") all the while.

City Slackers is an immersive experience that will transport the listener to a mosh pit in a rock club; this is not music to be played on headphones while plugging away at work, or after popping a Xanax with the intent to chill. These are heart-on-their sleeve anthems for the isolated and disenfranchised, those looking to exuberantly belt along with Naomi Scott's formidable howl and sweat it out to Nick D'Amore's pummeling percussion.


'Basic Bitches Debut Badass New Song 'Fighter': BUST Premiere'

"...from the first millisecond, Basic Bitches’ “Come On Brenda, It’s the 90s For Chrissakes” bites, and bites hard. It’s the kind of song one would hear in a soundtrack for a documentary about the punk scene in the 70s, yet it’s fresh and captivating."
Speak Into My Good Eye

"A fusion of fierce, grunge-inspired rock with sunny, uplifting vibes"

"Scott’s vocals are sultry and harsh – a mishmash of Brody Dalle and Blondie."
Speak Into My Good Eye

"These are the guys to watch"
Weekend Quality Podcast

Past Shows


July 11th 2014 - Lit Lounge, NYC
August 29th 2014 - The Delancey, NYC
September 13th 2014 - The Delancey, NYC
September 20th 2014 - Branded Saloon, Brooklyn
November 10th 2014 - The Grand Victory, Brooklyn
November 29th 2014 - Gutter, Brooklyn
December 5th 2014 - Baby's All Right, Brooklyn


January 15th 2015 - Cake Shop, NYC
February 18th 2015 - Garage Land @ Good Room, Brooklyn
March 19th 2015 - Kings County Saloon, Brooklyn
April 21st 2015 - Abbey's Pub, Jersey City
April 30th 2015 - Matchless, Brooklyn
May 5th 2015 - Bowery Electric, NYC
June 5th - Safety Meeting, Philadelphia
June 8th 2015 - St Vitus, Brooklyn
June 11th 2015 - Fifth Estate, Brooklyn
June 26th 2015 - Otto's Shrunken Head, NYC
July 23rd 2015 - Otto's Shrunken Head, NYC


January 28th 2016 - Cobra Club, Brooklyn
February 20th 2016 - Fat Baby, NYC
March 23rd 2016 - The Sebright Arms, London, UK
April, 30th 2016 - Hank's Saloon, Brooklyn, NY
May, 16th 2016 - The Cobra Club, Brooklyn,NY
May, 19th 2016 - The Citizen, Jersey City, NJ
May, 21st 2016 - Club Oasis, Worcester, MA
May, 23rd 2016 - Wonder Bar, Asbury Park, NJ
June 19th 2016 - Punk Island, NYC
July 9th 2016 - The Cobra Club, Brooklyn
July 11th 2016 - Silent Barn, Brooklyn
July 21st 2016 - The Gateway, Brooklyn
July 31st 2016 - The Footlight, Ridgewood, Queens
August 19th 2016 - Gutter Bar, Brooklyn (Naomi solo)
August 25th 2016 - The Fifth Estate, Brooklyn
September 10th 2016 - Mill Hill Basement, Trenton, NJ
October 23rd 2016 - Henrietta Hudson, NYC (Naomi Solo)
November 9th 2016 - The Good Room, Brooklyn
November 20th 2016 - Gold Sounds, Brooklyn


February 12th 2017 - Paradise Lost, New Brunswick, NJ
February 16th 2017 - Brooklyn Bazaar, Brooklyn
February 22nd 2017 - The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ
February 24th 2017 - MillHill Basement, Trenton, NJ
March 12th 2017 - Berlin, New York
March 27th 2017 - Weekend Quality Podcast Live, New Brunswick, NJ
April 6th 2017 - Arlene's Grocery, NYC
June 2nd 2017 - Mill Hill Basement, Trenton, NJ
June 15th 2017 - Cobra Club, Brooklyn
June 22nd 2017 - Our Wicked Lady, Brooklyn
June 23rd 2017 - Joe Square, Baltimore
June 24th 2017 - Glitter Galaxy, Philadelphia
June 25th 2017 - Asbury Park Brewery, NJ
July 21st 2017 - Milkweed, Sugar Loaf, NY
July 22nd 2017 - Willimantic Records, CT
July 23rd 2017 - O'Brien's Ale House, Coram, NY
July 24th 2017 - Porta, Jersey City, NJ
July 28th 2017 - The Bitter End, NYC
August 2nd 2017 - WFMU's Monty Hall, Jersey City, NJ
September 14th 2017 - Hank's Saloon, NY


January 24th 2018 - El Cortez, NY
February 14th 2018 - Gold Sounds, NY (White Stripes cover set)